About Us

AFRICA CENTER FOR ECONOMIC DIALOGUE (AfCED) is a nonprofit, free-market think tank that embraces a framework that spurs creative thinking and vitalizing practical solutions for society�s economic and social challenges while helping people build meaningful lives in which they can experience well being and access to resources required to create opportunities for themselves and their broader communities.

  • To stimulate ideas and solutions to Africa’s economic challenges with emphasis on youth development, women empowerment, environmental sustainability, entrepreneurship, innovation, and economic development.
  • To carry out research and recommendations on the contemporary economic issues impacting our communities.
  • To mobilize ideas, efforts and solutions towards global economic shocks on African economies.
  • Policy advocacy for an enabling environment that allows business to flourish.
  • To include everyone and increase public participation through regular public economic forums, summits, symposia, and town hall meetings with focus on economic transformation.
Our Approach

We seek to advance unconventional economic and policy solutions that support growth and development by convening leaders and innovators from diverse fields and differentiated viewpoints, and constructing programs and policy initiatives to solve Africas most pressing challenges. We do this through four facets;

Our Team
Mr. Nsubuga Julius Kazibwe
C.E.O and Founder

As we look at Africa’s growth story, we have to make sure that these underbelly things are addressed: [creating] jobs for Africa’s youth; making sure we deal with rural poverty, because there’s quite a lot; and also making sure that we allow African economies to be more resilient and therefore able to adapt to climate change that is impacting the continent. AfCED and our partners are committed public -private dialogues and insights that can drive growth and development on the continent. You are welcome in partnering with us while we empower youth, women, and catalyze economic and social change.

Mrs Brenda Ntono Makubuya

Growth in Africa has picked up in the past few years, but it’s not without challenges. As the continent aims to lift millions of people out of poverty, it must contend with what constitutes healthy growth and how to create high-quality jobs, among other questions. AfCED is focused on influencing public-private collaborations for Economic and Social transformation while helping people build meaningful lives for themselves and their broader communities.