STIMULATING INVESTMENT AND RE-VITALIZING BUSINESS IN THE AIRPORT CITY Whilst the government of Uganda has elevated some of Ugandas commercial hubs towns into cities, ENTEBBE, commonly known as the airport city, the entry and exit of Uganda by air, hosts the ENTEBBE International Airport. From the onset of the airport to lying on the peninsula of Lake Victoria, no doubt this city has a hidden treasure, waiting to be unleashed and explored. The annual summit, happening on 16th Oct 2020, organised by Africa Center for Economic Dialogue (AfCED) in partnership with other organisations is an ideal platform for public-private collaboration and engagement. AfCED rolled out a plan to establish 15 annual city summits in the 15 new cities in the next 3 years, said the Executive Director, Julius Nsubuga. He added that this will be possible with collective effort from the private sector with support of the public sector.

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